PracticeFirst™, powered by MatchMySound™, is an easy and affordable way to allow your students to practice anytime, anywhere, on any device (including mobile!). PracticeFirst provides students with instantaneous & intuitive feedback, allowing them to gain meaningful insights into the quality of their practice and accelerate their achievement. During the COVID-19 pandemic in particular, music educators have widely adopted PracticeFirst in the classroom.

With the addition of Excelcia Music Publishing's band, orchestra, choral and jazz ensemble works to PracticeFirst's content library, subscribers have access to even more resources and music to assist with virtual learning. Excelcia Music Publishing’s catalog is filled with new flexible and full-version pieces from outstanding and dedicated composers at all grade levels, and PracticeFirst provides an invaluable tool to keep students engaged, practicing and learning our fantastic pieces. Together, Excelcia Music Publishing and PracticeFirst are enhancing curricula and inspiring students.

Robust Feedback

PracticeFirst is an industry leader in providing detailed and nuanced student performancefeedback, assessing accuracy in:

  • Rhythm
  • Pitch
  • Intonation
  • Duration

Adjust assessment rigor from "easy to "hard", and set score threshold for submission

  • Tailored for students of all levels
  • Comes with exercises and pieces, and also allows you to create your own
  • Create exercises with multiple parts from multipart scores
  • Assesses rhythmic and pitch accuracy
  • Assignment types include memorization and sight reading modes
  • Grading scale can be adjusted from easy to hard
  • Works for polyphonic instruments like piano and guitar
  • Teachers can now let students choose their instrument themselves when practicing
  • Includes a built-in tuner for instruments that need to be tuned before playing
  • “Click track” option in place of the metronome for exercises with floating tempo
  • A great practice and assessment tool, perfect for choral students
  • Fully integrated with the MusicFirst Classroom's gradebook, scheduling, portfolio-building and other features. - Use our content, or upload your own

Excelcia Music Publishing Works in PracticeFirst

Concert Band

Flexcel Band Series Composer/arr. cat. no. Grade
Capstone Tyler Arcari FCB2001 2
Shining Moments Larry Clark FCB2002 1.5
Hidden Wonders Sean O'Loughlin FCB2003 2
The Great Clipper Race Matthew R. Putnam FCB2004 3
Byzantine Dances Carol Brittin Chambers FCB2005 2
All-Purpose Performance Collection arr. Larry Clark FCB2009 2-3
Flexcel Chorale Collection arr. Ed Kiefer FCB2010 2-3
Exhale Sean O'Laughlin FCB2101 3.5
Rhythmania! Carol Brittin Chambers FCB2102 1.5
Bardic Air and Reel Larry Clark FCB2103 2.5
Gothic Tyler Arcari FCB2104 1.5
Zombie Attack! Jason Taurins FCB2105 1.5


Concert Band Composer/arr. cat. no. Grade
Anthem of Triumph Tyler Arcari PCB1901 .5
Intuition March Larry Clark PCB1902 .5
First Holiday Fanfare Matthew R. Putnam PCB1903 .5
Thunderbound Sean O'Loughlin PCB1904 .5
Darkwing Peter Terry PCB1905 .5
Heroic Entrance David Riggs PCB1906 .5
Blades of Steel Larry Clark DCB1902 1
Passacaglia Variants Sean O'Loughlin DCB1903 1
Cadets in Step! Matthew R. Putnam DCB1904 1
Golden Dawn Peter Terry DCB1905 1
Champion Fanfare David Samuel DCB1906 1
Tempt the Machine Tyler Arcari HCB1901 1.5
Shining Moments Larry Clark HCB1902 1.5
Zig Zag Sean O'Loughlin HCB1903 1.5
Clear Resolve John M. Pasternak HCB1904 1.5
Morning Star Chris Ferguson HCB1905 1.5
Sky Bound Jon Bubbett HCB1906 1.5
Tower of Inspiration Robert Thurston HCB1907 1.5
All for One, One for All Carol Brittin Chambers HCB1908 1.5
Against the Clock Jay Coles HCB1909 1.5
In Autumn's Moonlight David Samuel HCB1911 1.5
Rhythmania! Carol Brittin Chambers HCB2001 1.5
Gothic Tyler Arcari HCB2006 1.5
Abundant Bliss Matthew R. Putnam ICB1905 2
Bardic Air and Reel Larry Clark ICB2008 2.5
Byzantine Dances Carol Brittin Chambers ICB1911 2
Canterbury Sketches Jason Taurins ICB1915 2
Capstone Tyler Arcari ICB1907 2
Distant Memories John M. Pasternak ICB1914 2
Mission Control Tyler Arcari ICB1901 2
Strong Of Heart Sean O'Loughlin RCB1903 3
Ornaments!  Jon Bubbett RCB1908 3.5
Warwick Castle Gene Milford RCB1909 3
Distant Thunder Steve Parsons RCB1911 3
On the Wings of Angels Carl Strommen RCB1913 3.5
Purple Martin Yukiko Nishimura RCB1915 3
Exhale Sean O'Loughlin RCB2003 3.5
Cosmic Wonder Bruce W. Tippette RCB2013 3.5
Danza la Habana Ruth Brittin RCB2014 3.5
Victorious Valerie Laney-Rowe RCB2015 3
Mischief Robert Thurston MCB1906 4
Heart of America Arthur Pryor MCB2001 4.5
Atlantic Rhapsody Robert Thurston MCB2002 6
Smiling After the Rain Yukiko Nishimura MCB2003 4
Sol Picante Chris Thompson MCB2004 5
Radiant Tyler Arcari MCB2005 5
Ponderosa Carl Strommen MCB2006 4


Choral Composer Voicing cat no.
Fall into Winter Marshall Webb SSA SSA1902
Sunayama Shinpei Nakayama SSA SSA1901
Carol of the Brown King Brandon Martell SAB SAB2003
A Celtic Blessing Patti Drennan SSAB SSAB1901
Deck the Hall Traditional SAB SAB1902
How Do I Love Thee? Jamey Ray SAB SAB1904
Our Friendship arr. Larry Clark SAB SAB1901
Simple Gifts arr. Jay Rouse SAB SAB1903
Amazing Grace arr. Jamey Ray SATB SATB2005
An April Morning Bruce W. Tippette SATB SATB1906
Freedom, Come for Me Patti Drennan SATB SATB1904
An Irish Blessing Yani Araujo SATB SATB1905
It'll Take a Miracle Patti Drennan SATB SATB2006
Joy to the World arr. Jamey Ray SATB VOC1901
Mary, Did You Know? arr. Jamey Ray SATB VOC1902
O Come, O Come Emmanuel arr. Jamey Ray SATB SATB1901
The Vagabond R. Vaughan Williams/Lewis TBB TBB1901
Mama Don't 'Low arr. John Maclane Schirard TTB TTB1902

String Orchestra

String Orchestra  Composer/arr. cat. no. Grade
Anthem of Triumph Tyler Arcari PSO1901 .5
Subatomic Larry Clark PSO1902 .5
Darkwing Peter Terry DSO1901 1
Moonlit Skies Sean O'Loughlin DSO1902 1.5
Angels in the Halls Matthew R. Putnam DSO1903 1
Golden Dawn Peter Terry HSO1901 1.5
Fascination Larry Clark HSO1902 1.5
Passacaglia Variants Sean O'Loughlin HSO1903 1.5
Uncharted Waters Matthew R. Putnam HSO1904 1.5
A Torch Was Brought Tyler Arcari HSO1905 1.5
Curse of Tortuga Tyler Arcari ISO1901 2.5
Ai Hai Yo Traditional, arr. Tyler Arcari ISO1902 2
Escalation Sean O'Loughlin ISO1904 2
Danza de mi Corazón Steven L. Rosenhaus ISO1906 2.5
L'automne Ruth Elaine Schram ISO1908 2
Evening Dusk Yukiko Nishimura ISO1910 2
The Knight Errant Alan Lee Silva ISO1911 2
Mystic Lair Sean O'Loughlin RSO1901 3.5
Sweet New Moon Yukiko Nishimura RSO1903 3
Colors of Home Alan Lee Silva RSO1904 3