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Winter Holiday Music

for Solos & Ensembles

Solo Styles for Christmas

Solo Styles for Christmas contains 15 Christmas Carol favorites in over 25+ different styles. Every song comes with 3 distinct downloadable tracks to play along with and perform each solo in various styles. Musicians can play along to even more styles through the iReal Pro app, purchased form the App store or the Google Play store. Each solo has written improvisation examples that are fun to play and a great way to learn the basics of improvisation. These solos are great for impressing family and friends at Christmastime or for public performances.


Adaptable Trios for Christmas

Adaptable Trios for Christmas contains 27 newly arranged trios written at grades 1.5 to 3. Since it’s creation in 2019, Tyler Arcari and Matthew R. Putnam’s Adaptable Ensemble series has emerged as a leading resource in flexible instrumentation and this new addition to the series for Christmastime is no exception. Designed to be used with any combination of Winds or String Instruments, the possible combinations are endless! Play these trios as traditional three instrument chamber works, or expand your instrumentation to include the entire ensemble.

Woodwind and Brass Ensembles

The Excelcia Ensemble Series contains pieces for various small chamber ensembles from quartets to quintets. There is a variety of styles from various.. Each piece is beautifully engraved and contains full scores, plus reference recordings.

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