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Welcome Band Directors!

We are proud to share our newest Concert Band Music releases with you, the sheet music of which is available from your favorite music retailers and from us. Click below to explore engaging and inspiring new pieces from many beloved composers. An array of educationally-sound pieces, this new catalog is filled with wonderful choices for Back-to-School, Festival, Holiday and more. Listen now, and make your choices for your next concert!

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Prelude Band Series

Grade ½

Grade ½
      Heart of a Lion - Matthew R. Putnam
      Secret Caverns - Sean O'Loughlin
      Binary 0101 - Laura Estes
      Swarm - Tyler Arcari
      Heroic - Christina Huss

Da Capo Band Series

Grade 1

Grade 1
      Against all Odds - Matthew R. Putnam
      Antz - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Archetypes - Sean O'Loughlin
      Santa: Trapped in the Looking Glass! - Laura Estes
      Giant Slayer - Christina Huss
      Full Force Fanfare - Tyler Arcari
      Emerald Sky - Larry Clark
      The Night Hunt - David Samuel

Harmony Band Series

Grade 1½

Grade 1½
      Breakneck! - Tyler Arcari
      Fanfare Brilliante - Sean O'Loughlin
      And the Lions Roared - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Rising Earth - Laura Estes
      Trajectory - Christina Huss
      Christmas Stars - Larry Clark
      Roman Triumph - Matthew R. Putnam
      Coriolis Effect - Sean O'Loughlin

Intermezzo Band Series

Grades 2 to 2½

Grades 2-2½
      Anomaly - Tyler Arcari
      Thunder Chase - Larry Clark
      Razzmatazz - Matthew Putnam
      Echoes of Time - Sean O'Loughlin
      Dedication Fanfare - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Jaffa Gate Overture - Laura Estes
      When an Angel Gets its Wings - Christina Huss
      Gratitude - William Owens
      The Torch - David Samuel
      Ancient Fires - Carol Brittin Chambers

Rhapsody Band Series

Grades 3 to 3½

Grades 3-3½
      Cloudscapes - Tyler Arcari
      Scenes from Citizen 13660 - Yukiko Nishimura
      Centennial Journey - Sean O'Loughlin
      Until We Dream - David Samuel
      Fanfare Esprit - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Legend of the Honjo - Christina Huss
      All Things So Wondrous - William Owens
      Commonwealth - Robert Sheldon
      Christmas Carol-oke - Larry Clark
      The Angels Call - Tyler Arcari
      Ars Vitae - Larry Clark
      Blossom - Christopher Artau

Maestro Band Series

Grades 4 & Up

Grades 4 & Up
      Symphonic Dance No. 1 - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Ascendant - Tyler Arcari
      Hope Lies in Dreams - Larry Clark
      After the Darkness... - William Owens

Voctave Concert Band Series

Grade 3½

      Joy to the World - Jamey Ray

Pinkzebra Concert Band

Grade 3½

      This Is My Crazy Student Life
      Winter Magic
      With Honor
      With Honor - Flex