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Accessible Solo Repertoire for Voice

10 Folk Songs and Spirituals

Accessible Solo Repertoire Series, 10 Folk Songs and Spirituals, contains fresh arrangements from renowned composers/arrangers in the vocal and choral communities.  Covering all voicings -- with one book for Medium Low Voice (Alto and Baritone) and another for Medium High Voice (Soprano and Tenor) -- the books are perfect for at-home learning, solo festival use and private lessons, in-person or virtual.  Each book is also available on the publisher’s popular E-book digital platform. 

Leading composers/arrangers Patti Drennan, Steve Parsons, Jamey Ray, Ruth Elaine Schram, John Maclane Schirard, Connor Warren Smith and Bruce W. Tippette, created new arrangements of long-time favorite folk songs and spirituals.  Titles include Simple Gifts, Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger, Danny Boy, Somebody’s Knockin’, The Water is Wide, All Through The Night, Deep River, Skye Boat Song, He’s Goin’ Away and Shenandoah.

Each book comes with beautifully set solo and accompaniment parts, full recordings for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Voice, and Piano only recordings of each piece available for free download from the Excelcia Music Publishing Website.

Accessible Solo Repertoire for Voice


10 Folk Songs and Spirituals


A solution for distance learning, Excelcia Music Publishing’s new E-book subscription program provides music educators with digital online access to our popular and flexible books.  For the price of a single year-long E-book subscription, you obtain the ability to virtually distribute the books to all of your students!

Three Digital E-book Options

All E-books include easy virtual distribution to your students, exclusive access to sing-along tracks, and a digital audio recorder- all without worry of copies or copyright!

  • E-book Sets come with year-long online access to all books in the series that you purchase.
  • E-book Bundles include a complete set of physical books with free shipping, in addition to the online access found in E-book Sets. 
  • Single E-books allow you to flexibly select the specific books you need.

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  • Accessible Solo Repertoire for Voice E-book Bundle


    Includes everything listed below in the year-long E-book Set subscription, PLUS a complete set of both physical books, shipped for free!

    – Online access to both books in the Accessible Solo Repertoire for Voice series

    – Virtual distribution to all students

    – Exclusive access to sing-along tracks

    – Digital audio recorder

Acessible Solo Repertoire for Voice Single E-books

Flexibly choose a Single E-book year-long subscription or any combination of books from this series.  Each year-long Single E-book includes:

- Online access to that book

- Virtual distribution to all students

- Exclusive access to sing-along tracks

- Digital audio recorder

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