Excelcia Music Publishing’s Inspiring Music

+ SmartMusic = Practice Transformed

SmartMusic is a leading web-based music education platform that connects teachers and students, offering a suite of game-changing features and tools that facilitate focused practice, assessment, and immediate feedback.

With the addition of Excelcia Music Publishing's band, orchestra, solos and ensemble works, SmartMusic subscribers have access to even more resources and music. Excelcia Music Publishing’s catalog is filled with new flexible and full-version pieces from outstanding and dedicated composers at all grade levels.  With SmartMusic, Excelcia Music Publishing is providing invaluable tools to keep students engaged and inspired.

How does it work?

Students receive immediate feedback on individual performances through an algorithmic assessment of note pitch, rhythm, and duration, while simultaneously receiving contextual reference by recording against the accompaniment.

During an assignment, students are provided with additional tools to increase their comprehension of the music and to facilitate self-correction prior to completion. Assignment submissions are aggregated into a gradebook for review where teachers can listen to student performances, adjust or finalize assessment scores, and provide feedback and encouragement to students.

SmartMusic Features

effective practice

Immediate feedback

Students see which notes and rhythms they played correctly/incorrectly, receive a performance score, and hear their recording.

Repertoire library

150+ method books, 5,400+ ensemble titles and thousands of solos from top publishers.

Practice tools

A metronome, tuner, and the ability to loop sections are built in and always close at hand.

Communication loop

Both teachers and students can see each others’ written comments on every assignment and student recording.

...And many more features. Click the button to the right to learn more.

Excelcia Music Publishing Works in SmartMusic

Concert Band

Excelcia Concert Band Composer/arr. cat. no. Grade
A Heart to Treasure Tyler Arcari RCB1901 3.5
All for One, One for All Carol Brittin Chambers HCB1908 1.5
Assurance Robeert Thurston MCB1902 4.5
Blades of Steel Larry Clark DCB1902 1
Byzantine Dances (Flex Ensemble) Carol Brittin Chambers FCB2005 2
Cadets in Step! Matthew R. Putnam DCB1904 1
Capstone (Flex Ensemble) Tyler Arcari FCB2001 2
Champion Fanfare David Samuel DCB1906 1
Golden Dawn Peter Terry DCB1905 1
Hidden Wonders (Flex Ensemble) Sean O'Loughlin FCB2003 2
Highlander Tyler Arcari RCB1902 3
Intuition March Larry Clark PCB1902 0.5
Morning Star Chris Ferguson HCB1905 1.5
Shining Moments Larry Clark HCB1902 1.5
Shining Moments (Flex Ensemble) Larry Clark FCB2002 1.5
Strong of Heart Tyler Arcari RCB1903 3
When We Go Tyler Arcari MCB1901 4

String Orchestra

Excelcia String Orchestra Composer/arr. cat. no. Grade
Ai Hai Yo arr. Tyler Arcari ISO1902 2
Anthem of Triumph Tyler Arcari PSO1901 0.5
Colors of Home Alan Lee Silva RSO1904 3
Danza de mi Corazón Steven L. Rosenhaus ISO1906 2.5
Gemini George Sweet RSO1902 3
The Knight Errant Alan Lee Silva ISO1911 2
Moonlit Skies Sean O'Loughlin DSO1902 1.5
Mystic Lair Sean O'Loughlin RSO1901 3.5
Subatomic Larry Clark PSO1902 0.5
Sweet New Moon Yukiko Nishimura RSO1903 3

Solo & Ensemble Music

Excelcia Solo & Ensemble Composer/arr. cat. no. Grade
Adaptable Quartets for Alto Saxophone/Baritone Saxophone Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam WB2017 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Clarinet/Trumpet/Bass Clarinet/Baritone T.C. Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam WB2016 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Horn in F Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam WB2019 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Oboe Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam WB2015 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Percussion Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam PB2002 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Tenor Saxophone Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam WB2018 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Trombone/Bassoon/Euphonium Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam WB2020 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Tuba Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam WB2021 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Flute Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam WB2014 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Bass Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam SB2011 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Cello Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam SB2010 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Viola Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam SB2009 1.5-3
Adaptable Quartets for Violin Tyler Arcari/Matthew R. Putnam SB2008 1.5-3
Accessible Solo Repertoire for Alto Saxophone Larry Clark/Tyler Arcari WB1803 1.5-3
Accessible Solo Repertoire for Baritone Saxophone Larry Clark/Tyler Arcari WB1803 1.5-3
Accessible Solo Repertoire for Clarinet Larry Clark/Tyler Arcari WB1802 1.5-3
Accessible Solo Repertoire for Euphonium Larry Clark/Tyler Arcari WB1805 1.5-3
Accessible Solo Repertoire for Flute Larry Clark/Tyler Arcari WB1801 1.5-3
Accessible Solo Repertoire for Trombone Larry Clark/Tyler Arcari WB1905 1.5-3
Accessible Solo Repertoire for Trumpet Larry Clark/Tyler Arcari WB1804 1.5-3
Accessible Solo Repertoire for Violin Larry Clark/Tyler Arcari SB1801 1.5-3
Andante et Allegretto (Trumpet Solo) Guillaume Balay LS8101 *
Andante et Allegro (Trumpet Solo) Joseph Guy Ropartz LS1802 *
Concert Rondo (Horn Solo) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart LS1807 *
Concert Rondo (Trombone Solo) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart LS1806 *
Meditation from Thais (Violin Solo) Jules Massenet LS1810 *
Nocturno (Horn Solo) Franz Strauss LS1804 *
Petite Piece Concertante (Trumpet Solo) Guillaume Balay LS1805 *
Sonate, Op. 167 (Clarinet Solo) Camile Saint-Saëns LS1808 *
Tambourin (Flute) François-Joseph Gossec LS1809 *


*check your state music list for grade level