Twenty Violin Duets

Steven L. Rosenhaus


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Twenty Violin Duets is a fresh new collection of medium-advanced duets written by popular composer Steven L. Rosenhaus. Steven brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience which is on full display in this book. Each duet is unique and explores many string techniques as well as keys and tempi. A must have collection, perfect for performance!

Table of Contents

I – Allegro
II – Moderato
III- Presto
IV – Adagio
V – Vivace
VI – Moderato
VII – Lively
VIII – Moderato
IX – Moderato
X – Presto
XI – Moderato
XII – Moderato
XIII – Vivace
XIV – Maestoso
XV – Allegro
XVI – Moderato
XVII – Moderate waltz tempo
XVIII – Lively swing
XIX – Lively
XX – Andante

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