String Orchestra Music 2023-2024


String Orchestra Music 2023-2024


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Prelude Orchestra Series - 2023-2024

Grade .5

Grade ½
      Christmastide - Tyler Arcari
      Point Five - Laura Estes

Da Capo Orchestra Series - 2023-2024

Grade 1

Grade 1
      Acropolis - Matthew R. Putnam
      The Pirate's Apprentice - Caryn Wiegand Neidhold
      Sharp Attack! - Tyler Arcari

Harmony Orchestra Series - 2023-2024

Grade 1.5

Grade 1½
      Carousel Dreams - Erica Donahoe
      Solstice Canyon - Sean O'Loughlin
      Alkaline - Tyler Arcari
      Axiom - Larry Clark
      Christmas in Brandenburg - Bach, Arr. Larry Clark

Intermezzo Orchestra Series - 2023-2024

Grade 2 to 2.5

Grades 2-2½
      Dovetail - Tyler Arcari
      Dance of the Sprites - Larry Clark
      Zig Zag - Sean O'Loughlin
      TakaTiki - Katie O'Hara LaBrie
      Cook Strait Crossing - Laura Estes
      Alley Cat Struttin' - David Samuel, Arr. Neidhold

Rhapsody Orchestra Series - 2023-2024

Grade 3 to 3.5

Grades 3-3½
      All is Bright - Steve Parsons
      The Night of the Shores - Sean O'Loughlin
      Hydrangea - Yukiko Nishimura
      Shimmering Daydreams - Larry Clark

Maestro Orchestra Series - 2023-2024

Grade 4 & Up

Grades 4 & Up
      Spirit - Tyler Arcari
      River Stories - Yukiko Nishimura

Choose the Perfect Level for Your Ensemble

Ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, our string orchestra music is meticulously edited and follows a strict six-part grading system reflected in our signature color-coded series. Each score, and its accompanying parts, are beautifully set for ease of reading. They include unique features to facilitate your rehearsals, like oversized time signatures in the scores and measure numbers at every measure on each part.

Grade .5

  • Playable by 1st year students with limited study
  • Uses only the first six notes of the D Major Scale
  • Moderate tempo and 4/4 time signatures
  • All sections have an opportunity to play the melody

Grade 1

  • Playable by 1st year groups
  • Keys of D and G; first position (Bass 3rd position); careful writing of low 2 for Violins and Violas while avoiding high 3
  • Introducing 2/4 and 3/4 time signatures with whole, half, quarter and eighth note patterns with no syncopation
  • Detache, pizzicato, staccato, legato and marcato bowings to expand your students' technique with the right hand

Grade 1.5

  • Playable by 2nd year musicians
  • Incorporates dotted quarter-notes and simple syncopated rhythms
  • Expanded right hand technique of 2-note slurs, hooked bows and adjacent string crossings
  • Open string double stops

Grades 2 to 2.5

  • Playable by 2nd and 3rd year groups
  • Introducing 6/8 time signatures
  • New key signatures including C, A, F and Bb
  • New positions for Violin, Cello and Bass
  • More complex rhythms and fingered double stops

Grades 3 to 3.5

  • Playable by advanced middle school and high school musicians
  • Exploring higher positions for all strings
  • Expanded literature for advancing programs

Grades 4 & Up

  • Playable by high school musicians
  • First Violins explore 5th position while second Violins and Violas move through 3rd position
  • Cellos expand to 4th position while the Bass section works through 5th position

Composers of New String Orchestra Music

This incredibly talented group of composers and arrangers represent a wide range of experience, musical style and identity. These composers, many of whom are music educators, are particularly sensitive to and passionate about the needs and educational aspirations of young musicians, furthering the mission of Excelcia Music Publishing.

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All of our recordings for Orchestra are now available for streaming (or sale) on all of the major streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, YouTube and many more. Search for “Excelcia Chamber Orchestra”.  The professional recordings are also found on our website.  It is yet another avenue that can be used as a tool with your students in the classroom and virtually.

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