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Concert Band Music

Welcome Band Directors!  Excelcia Music Publishing’s 2021-22 Concert Band music catalog is filled with over 50 new pieces from many beloved composers as well as talented new voices.  This band catalog includes a myriad of styles, from marches and contest festival works to Halloween and holiday concerts.  As we have done in prior years, there are live professional recordings (recorded safely) and ScoreVideos for every new work, which can be used as a tool with your students in the classroom as well as for remote learning.  Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming school year.  Because the experience of making music has never been more important.

New music is now available for purchase from your favorite music retailer or from this website.

Prelude Band Series - 2021-2022

Grade .5

Grade .5
      Click, Click, Click - arr. Amy Riebs Mills
      Boulder Ridge March - Chris Ferguson
      Draconian Measures - Ed Kiefer
      Twilight Smiling - Larry Clark
      Perseverance - Sean O'Loughlin
      Virtual Warrior - Peter Sciaino

Da Capo Band Series - 2021-2022

Grade 1

Grade 1
      Groovin Kings Three -Jon Bubbett
      Ripper - Tyler Arcari
      Piccadilly Parade - Matthew R. Putnam
      Cook Strait Crossing - Laura Estes
      SunWatch - Gene Milford
      The Forge - Christina Huss
      Dark Corridors - Sean O'Loughlin
      Tokens of Esteem - Matthew R. Putnam

Harmony Band Series - 2021-2022

Grade 1.5

Grade 1.5
      Flight of Jolly Old St. Nicholas - arr. John M. Pasternak
      Guardians of the Vanguard - Tyler Arcari
      Ingenuity March - Larry Clark
      Journey of Discovery - Matthew R. Putnam
      S'vivon! - Laura Estes
      Neverlanding - Peter Sciaino
      Coriolis Effect - Sean O'Loughlin
      The Gathering - Brooke Pierson
      Mysterious Chase - Chris Ferguson

Intermezzo Band Series - 2021-2022

Grade 2 to 2.5

Grade 2-2.5
      Repeat the Sounding Joy - arr. Steve Parsons
      Ancient Fires - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Verity March - Laura Estes
      This Vast and Noble Land - Steve Parsons
      Courage - Tyler Arcari
      Berceuse - arr. Michael J. Miller
      Visceral Chase - Sean O'Loughlin
      Transformation - John M. Pasternak
      Sonic Radiance - Larry Clark
      The Knight Errant - Alan Lee Silva
      The Spirit of Kilkenny - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Forevermore - Christina Huss
      La Matriarca - Matthew R. Putnam
      Coming Back - Tyler Arcari

Rhapsody Band Series - 2021-2022

Grade 3 to 3.5

Grade 3-3.5
      Christmas Morning - Gene Milford
      Ars Vitae - Larry Clark
      National Defense March - arr. John M. Pasternak
      Wicklow - Laura Estes
      The Angels Call - Tyler Arcari
      Infinity Awaits - Steve Parsons
      Day of Infamy - Sean O'Loughlin
      Beyond Courage - Amy Riebs Mills
      Where the Waters Meet - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Sweet New Moon - Yukiko Nishimura
      And More - Joshua Hobbs
      Blossom - Christopher Artau
      Anthem for Freedom - Huss & Carter

Maestro Band Series - 2021-2022

Grade 4 to 5

Grade 4 & Up
      Song of the Fjords - Carol Brittin Chambers
      From Sea to Shining Sea - Steve Parsons
      Champion Spirit March - Gene Milford
      Haven's Conviction - David Samuel
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