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Self Destruct

Grade 2.5

Concert Band Conductor Score & Parts


      Self Destruct - Jason K. Nitsch


Have you ever had “one of those days?” You’re about to! Step into a race against time as you attempt to escape with your life intact! The irony? It’s all your fault! After accidentally setting the building’s self-destruct sequence, you hurriedly search for an exit which leads to freedom. Blocked paths, obstacles, and a really snarky computer stand in your way of escape. Will you get out in time? Find out in “Self Destruct!” This piece uniquely includes downloadable “sound drops” to integrate electronic sounds into a modern concert band work.

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .5 in

About Jason K. Nitsch

Jason K. Nitsch was born September 20, 1977 and is a native of Houston, Texas. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the Baylor University School of Music in Waco, TX and a Masters of Music in Music Education from Boston University. He is currently pursuing his DMA in Music Education at Boston University with a focus on research into the connection between classroom assessment and student mindset/motivation in the large ensemble instrumental music classroom. During his undergraduate studies Jason became quite interested in arranging, and subsequently, formal composition. His initial arrangements were well-received, and he soon found himself inundated with requests for custom arrangements. During this time Jason also began composing original works of varied instrumentation and was encouraged by his professors and colleagues to continue exploring this developing talent.

While he enjoys traditional compositional pursuits, he has recently begun integrating electronic tracks into his solo and chamber music. He hopes to work diligently to bring this manner of composition into his large ensemble works in the future, and to create new and innovative connections between traditional performance techniques and contemporary music technologies. Since 1998 he has worked as a music and visual designer for marching bands across the United States, providing custom arrangements, original music compositions and visual coordination and design to his clients.

In 2009 he launched Suburban Zombie Music ( to promote and distribute his entire catalog of original compositions. In 2018 he was appointed the first Director of Bands at Memorial High School in Frisco, TX. He previously served as a music educator for 14 years in the Houston area (Ft. Bend, Deer Park and Klein) and for four years in Fountain, CO. He currently lives in McKinney, TX with his wife Nicole and their daughters Ainsley and Payton.

State Lists / Recognitions

J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice

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