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Jazz Ensemble Music

This past year has profoundly affected us all. Despite the challenges, Excelcia Music Publishing has continued to adapt and believes that a critical component of what educators need to teach their students are examples of excellent musicianship. In the spirit of hope and in anticipation of returning to school and ensemble playing, we proudly present live professional recordings with real musicians (safely recorded) of our 2021-2022 Jazz Ensemble works to be released this Spring.  In these 22 recordings, you will find inspiring and uplifting music by many well-known composers as well as talented and wonderful new voices.  Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming school year.  Because the experience of making music has never been more important.

New music is now available for purchase from your favorite music retailer or from this website.

Jazz Odyssey Series - 2021-2022

Grade 1

      Baby Blues - Larry Clark
      It's Got That Swing! - Blair Bielawski
      Box of Rock - Larry Clark

Jazz Exploration Series - 2021-2022

Grade 1.5

      Overdrive - Blair Bielawski
      Swingin' Winner, Chicken Dinner! - David Samuel
      Signal Drop - Steve Wiest
      No, No, No...We Gotta Go - Steve Parsons

Jazz Horizon Series - 2021-2022

Grade 2 to 2.5

      On the Cool Side - Peter Sciaino
      Groovin' Up the Halls - arr. David Samuel
      The Beach Life - Kris Berg
      (Can't You See?) It's Magic - Steve Parsons
      Shuffle and Deal - Jack Cooper

Jazz Voyage Series - 2021-2022

Grade 3 to 3.5

      At the End of the Day - arr. Blair Bielawski
      Big Band Bash - Peter Sciaino
      Unlimited Miles - Kris Berg
      Love Wins - arr. Blair Bielawski
      Mamacita Needs a Break - Peter Sciaino

Jazz Zenith Series - 2021-2022

Grade 4 to 5

      Scarborough Fair - arr. Kris Berg
      Use the Sykalator! - Steve Wiest
      It is What it Ain't - Jamie Roth
      Vantage Point - Jack Cooper
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