Just Believe – Two-Part

Voicing- Unison/Two Part

Unison/Two Part Choral Octavo

Available Voicings:

SATB | SAB | SSA | Two-Part


      Just Believe - Two-Part


This inspirational song about believing in yourself and finding the courage to follow your dreams is perfect for graduation ceremonies and concert programs. Styled like a pop ballad, the contemporary vocal style and the straightforward harmonies are sure to hit the mark for your choir. Easy to prepare, and wonderful to sing!

The accompaniment MP3 download includes both a fully produced version and a piano-only version. Instrumental parts are available for a live band and part-dominant MP3 practice tracks are available in a multi-user bundle to share with your whole choir.

What are Part-Dominant Practice Tracks?

These practice tracks are specially remixed versions of the full-choir audio demos. Each practice track features a primary vocal part while the volume levels of the surrounding vocal parts are significantly reduced to allow the featured vocal part to be heard very clearly.

Each pack contains the part-dominant tracks for all of the vocal parts in that particular arrangement. So if you choose the SAB pack, you will receive the Soprano, Alto, and Baritone practice tracks to privately share with members of your choir.

  • Includes all MULTI-USER part-dominant practice MP3 tracks for selected arrangement
  • May be privately shared with all choir members
  • Posting online prohibited (YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc.)

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