The Complete Warm-Up for Band – Teacher Edition

A Modular Approach to Fundamental Development

Middle to High School

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The Complete Warm-Up For Band is the quintessential method for preparing your ensemble for rehearsal & performance. Created by well-known composers and music educators Carol Brittin Chambers & Tyler Arcari, The Complete Warm-Up For Band creates an easy to use system that can be implemented with any amount of time, while still accomplishing a well-balanced and complete warm-up. The book is structured into 6 modules that explore and reinforce fundamentals in 12 major keys and some minor keys: Body Module (Breathing & Stretching) – Tone Module (Long Tones & Flexibility) – Scale Module (Scale Patterns, Progressions & Third Patterns) – Technical Module (Articulations & Technical Etudes) – Rhythm Module (Rhythm Studies & Technical Rhythm Etudes) and finally the Ensemble Module which includes 40 Chorales in all 12 major keys and numerous minor keys. Whether you have 2 minutes or 20 minutes The Complete Warm-Up For Band has everything you need for a well-balanced and complete start to any rehearsal or performance!

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