Synchronization License DVD or Video Files

Synchronization License for DVD or Video Files

License #39342


AGREEMENT made and entered into on the date above between EXCELCIA MUSIC PUBLISHING, LLC ("LICENSOR") and NAME ENTERED BELOW ("LICENSEE").

1.OWNERSHIP AND COMPOSITIONS: LINCENSOR warrants and represents that it is the owner of a valid United States copyright in the following musical compositions:

2.LICENSE: LICENSOR grants to LICENSEE the non-exclusive right, privilege and license, to video record the Composition and distribute over electronic means, such as DVD or by video file format. This license is granted for a payment of Twenty-five Cents ($.25) per unit sold. The sale of additional units is prohibited without a new separate license being secured.

3. ROYALTY: For such usage, the LICENSOR agrees to pay Twenty-five Cents ($.25) per unit created or sold.

4. ACCOUNTING:  LICENSEE shall render to Licensor payment of the applicable fee listed below. The license will not be valued until the fee is received.

5. All other rights not expressed herein are reserved to the LICENSOR of the WORK(s).

6. TERM: This license shall be in effect from the date of this license.

7.EFFECTIVE LAW:  This agreement shall be construed in accordance to the laws of the State of Florida.

Price: $0.25