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String Orchestra Music 2020-2021


Dear Orchestra Directors,

Welcome to Excelcia Music Publishing’s digital 2020 String Orchestra music catalog.  Again this year, we are extremely excited about our 32 outstanding new pieces for String Orchestra by many well-known composers as well as talented newcomers. 

In these unusually challenging times for music education with school closures and remote learning, you’ll find this innovative digital catalog to be both fast and easy to navigate and filled with inspiring music. Right here within this digital catalog, you can access many resources, like composer insights and pop-up Score Videos (listen to a full recording while viewing the score).  This cutting-edge catalog will simplify your selection process as you imagine the future and plan for when your students are back together.  

Each score, and its accompanying parts, are meticulously edited and beautifully set for ease of reading and include unique features to help facilitate efficient rehearsals.  Published in our signature color-coded series, the music follows our consistent six-part grading system: Prelude (grade .5), Da Capo (grade 1), Harmony (grade 1.5), Intermezzo (grade 2 to 2.5), Rhapsody (grade 3 to 3.5) and Maestro (grade 4 and up).  Professional recordings of each piece by The Trade Winds Recording Ensemble, conducted by Daniel Schmidt, are available on all streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.  We take great pride in these recordings which you can use with your students as pedagogical examples of musicianship - a particularly helpful resource during this time of remote learning.   

Here, you will also find Excelcia Music Publishing’s Meet the Composer videos, Podcasts, Founders Club, and our unique Composer Connection, which provides unparalleled connections between our composers and directors and their students.  

It is our utmost goal at Excelcia Music Publishing to publish artistic, high-quality music by composers who are sensitive to and passionate about the needs and educational aspirations of young musicians.  This digital catalog provides you with a window to easily experience and choose this new music.

Wishing you and your communities a safe, healthy and inspiring school year.

Larry Clark

With gratitude,

Larry Clark
President and Founder

Tyler Arcari

Tyler Arcari
Instrumental Music Editor

Choose the Perfect Level for Your Ensemble

Ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, our string orchestra music is meticulously edited and follows a strict six-part grading system reflected in our signature color-coded series. Each score, and its accompanying parts, are beautifully set for ease of reading. They include unique features to facilitate your rehearsals, like oversized time signatures in the scores and measure numbers at every measure on each part!

Flexible Concert Works that Excel!

  • Perfect for flexible instrumentation or reduced ensemble size
  • Scored in four parts with optional Piano
  • Playable by any combination of four string instruments
  • Written for grades 1-3
  • Pieces edited by veterans who have been publishing flexible music for decades. Flexibility is not a new idea for us!

Because Extraordinary Times Require Extraordinary Flexibility...

FlexcelResponsive to these unprecedented times, Excelcia Music Publishing released Flexcel, an extraordinarily flexible String Orchestra series with high-quality pieces. Pieces in the Flexcel series are designed to be used with significantly-reduced ensemble sizes and any combination of string  instruments.  Each piece is uniquely arranged in four-part writing, providing endless options depending on which students are in the classroom or at home.  The works can be performed by as few as four players.  When their complete orchestra is back together again, directors can easily transition to the fully-scored version of the piece published by Excelcia Music Publishing.

Included in the purchase of each set in the Flexcel series is unique photocopying permission from the publisher as well as access to digital copies for remote learning. The Flexcel series release includes a variety of pieces so that you can program a complete concert from these flexible pieces alone.

Grade .5

  • Playable by first year students with limited study
  • Uses only the first six notes of the D Major Scale
  • Moderate tempo and 4/4 time signatures
  • All sections have an opportunity to play the melody

Grade 1

  • Playable by first-year groups
  • Keys of D and G; first position (Bass 3rd position); careful writing of low 2 for Violins and Violas while avoiding high 3
  • Introducing 2/4 and 3/4 time signatures with whole, half, quarter and eighth note patterns with no syncopation
  • Detache, pizzicato, staccato, legato and marcato bowings to expand your students' technique with the right hand

Grade 1.5

  • Playable by 2nd year musicians
  • Incorporates dotted quarter-notes and simple syncopated rhythms
  • Expanded right hand technique of 2-note slurs, hooked bows and adjacent string crossings
  • Open string double stops

Grade 2 to 2.5

  • Playable by 2nd and 3rd year groups
  • Introducing 6/8 time signatures
  • New key signatures including C, A, F and Bb
  • New positions for Violin, Cello and Bass
  • More complex rhythms and fingered double stops

Grade 3 to 3.5

  • Playable by advanced middle school and high school musicians
  • Exploring higher positions for all strings
  • Expanded literature for advancing programs

Grade 4 and up

  • Playable by high school musicians
  • First Violins explore 5th position while second Violins and Violas move through 3rd position
  • Cellos expand to 4th position while the Bass section works through 5th position

Composers Who Inspire

This incredibly talented group of 14 composers and arrangers represent a wide range of experience, musical style and identity. These composers, many of whom are music educators, are particularly sensitive to and passionate about the needs and educational aspirations of young musicians, furthering the mission of Excelcia Music Publishing.

Trade Winds Recording Ensemble

The Trade Winds Recording Ensemble is a professional group of dedicated musicians that gather each year to record hundreds of pieces for concert band and string orchestra. Their records have been used for almost twenty years as an example of the finest musicianship for teachers and students who listen to their recordings. They are lead by conductor Dr. Daniel J. Schmidt. He is the musical spirit of the ensemble and his interpretation of the thousands and thousands of pieces he has conducted have been hailed by composers and teachers around the world. Excelcia Music Publishing is proud to have this incredible collection of musicians record our music exclusively. You can learn more about the genesis of the Trade Winds Recording Ensemble by watching this video interview with their conductor.

Daniel Schmidt square

Dr. Daniel J. Schmidt


Conductor Daniel J. Schmidt brings a wealth of experience to the Trade Winds Recording Ensemble. He has been a high school band and college band director, most recently at Northern Arizona University, along with tenures at Mars Hill College and Syracuse University. His interpretations on recordings by the Trade Winds are used as the model for musicianship around the world.

All of our recordings for band, choir and orchestra are now available for streaming (or sale) on all of the major streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, YouTube and many more. It is yet another avenue where you and your students can listen to our inspiring music.

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