Meeting Music Educators Where They Are, Excelcia Music Publishing Launches Flexcel Series

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Lakeland, Florida (June 23, 2020) –  Responsive to these unprecedented times, Excelcia Music Publishing released Flexcel, an extraordinarily flexible Concert Band and Orchestra series with high-quality pieces from well-known composers like Sean O’Loughlin and Carol Brittin Chambers.  

Pieces in the Flexcel series are designed to be used with significantly-reduced ensemble sizes and any combination of wind, string and percussion instruments.  Each piece is uniquely arranged in five-part writing by transposed keys, rather than by instrument, providing endless options depending on which students are in the classroom or at home.  The works can be performed by as few as five players plus percussion.  When their complete band or orchestra is back together again, directors can easily transition to the fully-scored version of the piece published by Excelcia Music Publishing.

Included in the purchase of each set in the Flexcel series is unique photocopying permission from the publisher as well as access to digital copies for remote learning.  Professional recordings of each piece by The Trade Winds Recording Ensemble, conducted by Daniel Schmidt, are available for free on all streaming platforms and can be used as a tool with students in and outside of the classroom. 

The Flexcel series release includes a march, a ballad, two overtures and a dance, meaning a complete concert could be performed from these flexible pieces alone.  Titles in the series are:  Byzantine Dances by Carol Brittin Chambers, Capstone (March) by Tyler Arcari, The Great Clipper Race by Matthew R. Putnam, Hidden Wonders by Sean O’Loughlin and Shining Moments by Larry Clark.  

Excelcia Music Publishing’s Flexcel series is available from music retailers everywhere and from the publisher.  

Excelcia Music Publishing is based in Lakeland, Florida, and publishes and sells music internationally. Composers, educators, and retailers are invited to contact Excelcia Music Publishing to be a part of creating, learning, and performing music that inspires.


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