Permission to Arrange License

Standard Permission to Arrange Agreement

License #38996


This License Agreement for permission to arrange copyrighted material in a musical work for the ensemble type listed below is entered as of the date above by and between NAME ENTERED BELOW ("LICENSEE") and EXCELCIA MUSIC PUBLSIHING ("OWNER") on the following terms:

OWNER hereby grants LICENSEE the non-exclusive right to arrange the following WORK(s) for below listed ensemble type:

The arrangement of the musical work(s) created by the LICENSEE or a third party will remain the sole property of the OWNER.

In exchange for the payment to OWNER by the LICENSEE of two hundred US dollars ($200) the LICENSEE has:

(1) the right to create or have created by a third party an arrangement of the WORK(s);

(2) the right to distribute the arrangement of the WORK(s) by the LICENSEE to their own organization only;

(3) the right to perform the arrangement of the WORK(s) by their organization only;

All other rights not expressed herein are reserved to the OWNER of the WORK(s). The LICENSEE or their third-party arranger has no copyright claim of the arrangement of the WORK(s) and cannot distribute the arrangement to anyone other than the organization of the LICENSEE.

The TERM of this agreement is one (1) year, and the LICENSEE must provide a copy of the arrangement to the OWNER upon completion of the arrangement, either by electronic means or by mail. The arrangement should include the original copyright notice on any score or parts produced and distributed with the addition of “This arrangement created by permission.”

LICENSEE will render the payment to the OWNER before this license is valid, and before any work on the arrangement of the WORK(s) shall commence.

The validity, construction, and effect of this license and any and all extensions and modifications thereof shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida.

Upon completing and accepting this license, you will be redirected to our payment processing service to pay the licensing fee by credit card.


Larry Clark