Legacy Solo Series, Inaugural Instrumental Solo Series from Excelcia Music Publishing

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Legacy Solo Series, Inaugural Instrumental Solo Series from Excelcia Music Publishing

Legacy Solo Series

Lakeland, Florida (December 14, 2018)–Excelcia Music Publishing’s Legacy Solo Series contains 10 masterworks that are meticulously edited and refreshingly easy to read.  These classics are routinely found on state lists throughout the U.S., including Texas and Florida, making these solos perfect for use at an adjudicated solo festival, recital or a college audition.

Legacy Solo Series is the first solo series released by Excelcia Music Publishing, launched earlier this year.  Wind solos are edited by popular composer and Excelcia’s founder, Larry Clark, and the violin solo is edited by string specialist, Josh Dampier.

Piano players will enjoy piano reductions which are clean and feature the solo line in concert pitch for easy rehearsal. Each Legacy Solo is compatible with SmartMusic and comes with beautifully set parts and piano accompaniment. Piano recordings for rehearsal or performance of each piece are available for download from the Excelcia Music Publishing website.

Legacy Solos include Balay’s Andante et Allegretto for Bb Trumpet, Ropartz’s Andante et Allegretto for Bb Trumpet and Trombone, Strauss’s Nocturno for Horn in F, Mozart’s Concert Rondo for Trombone and Horn in F, Petite Pièce Concertante for Bb Trumpet, Saint-Saëns Sonate (Op. 167) for Bb Clarinet, Gossec’s Tambourin for Flute, and Massenet’s Meditation from Thaïs for Violin.

Prices for each solo in the Legacy Solo Series range from $8.99 to $19.99.

Excelcia Music Publishing is based in Lakeland, Florida, and publishes and sells music internationally. Composers, educators and retailers are invited to contact Excelcia Music Publishing to be a part of creating, learning and performing music that inspires.  


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