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Welcome Jazz Ensemble Directors!

We are proud to present you with live professional recordings of our 2022-2023 Jazz Ensemble works, all of which are now available. Click below to hear engaging and inspiring new pieces from many beloved composers as well as talented new voices. An array of educationally-sound pieces, this new catalog is filled with rich choices for Festival, Holiday and more. Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming school year!

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Jazz Odyssey Series - 2022-2023

Grade 1

Grade 1
      That's What! - Larry Clark
      Da Bump - Steve Parsons
      Bossa Suave - Larry Clark

Jazz Exploration Series - 2022-2023

Grade 1.5

Grade 1.5
      Up Jumped Swing - Jack Cooper
      The Funky Dreidel - arr. Jamie Roth
      Good King Wenceslas - arr. Jack Cooper
      I'm Getting Rhythm - Peter Sciaino

Jazz Horizon Series - 2022-2023

Grade 2 to 2.5

Grade 2-2.5
      Righteous Refrains - Anthony Susi
      Secret Mission - Jamie Roth
      All is Calm, All is Bright - arr. Blair Bielawski
      The Blues are Gonna Get Ya - Blair Bielawski
      (My, My, My) My Fedora - Kris Berg

Jazz Voyage Series - 2022-2023

Grade 3 to 3.5

Grade 3-3.5
      Swing Power - Blair Bielawski
      The Boulevard - Peter Sciaino
      Belly Ache Blues - Peter Sciaino
      Gottaluvit - Steve Wiest
      The Path Left Behind - David Samuel

Jazz Zenith Series - 2022-2023

Grade 4 & Up

Grade 4 & Up
      Outback Blues - Carl Strommen
      Cross Roads - Kris Berg
      Playing with Fire - Christopher Artau
      Voando em uma Vespa - Michele Fernández