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Our Jazz Ensemble Editor

Blair Bielawski

Blair Bielawski

Jazz Ensemble Editor

Excelcia Music Publishing is expanding into Jazz Ensemble Music with the hiring of industry veteran Blair Bielawski to the position of Jazz Editor.  In addition to being an accomplished composer and arranger, music educator and performer, Blair brings to Excelcia Music Publishing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of Jazz Ensemble Music and Elementary Music. With Blair as Jazz Editor, Excelcia Music Publishing will launch its first Jazz Ensemble Music catalog in the Summer of 2020.

Choose the Perfect Level for Your Jazz Ensemble

Ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, our Jazz Ensemble music is meticulously edited and follows a strict four-part grading system reflected in our signature color-coded series. Each score, and its accompanying parts, are beautifully set for ease of reading. Exciting features include written out sample improvised solos, written out rhythm section parts that guide the players, the inclusion of extra parts for non-traditional Jazz Ensemble instruments, and downloadable recordings of solo sections to use for practice and study.


Grade 1.5

  • Playable with a core instrumentation of Alto Sax 1 &2, Tenor Sax 1, Trumpet 1 & 2, Trombone 1, Piano, Bass (cued in Piano) Drums
  • Includes parts for a full ensemble (5/4/4/4)
  • Optional parts included for Flute, Clarinet, Horn in F, Tuba
  • Limited ranges in the winds
  • Carefully notated rhythm section parts

Grade 2 to 2.5

  • Tenor Sax 2, Trumpet 4, Trombone 4 and Guitar are optional
  • Includes parts for a full ensemble (5/4/4/4)
  • Other optional parts include Flute, Clarinet, Horn in F, Tuba
  • Range is expanded, but still carefully considered
  • Carefully notated rhythm section parts

Grade 3 to 3.5

  • High school ensembles
  • Full instrumentation (5/4/4/4)
  • More independent rhythm section parts
  • Longer solo sections
  • Carefully notated rhythm section parts

Grade 4 and up

  • Advanced high school ensembles
  • More freedom in overall concept
  • More advanced harmonic structure
  • Independent playing across sections
  • Carefully notated rhythm section parts

Composers Who Inspire

This incredibly talented group of composers and arrangers represent a wide range of experience, musical style and identity. These composers, many of whom are music educators, are particularly sensitive to and passionate about the needs and educational aspirations of young musicians, furthering the mission of Excelcia Music Publishing.

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