Adaptable Duets


Adaptable Duets

29 Duets for Any Pair of Wind Instruments

by Tyler Arcari and Matthew R. Putnam

Table of Contents

Air (Henry Purcell)
Bagatelle (Anton Diabelli)
Desert Winds (Tyler Arcari)
Don’t Ever Pass Up Pie! (Tyler Arcari)
Ecossaise (Ludwig van Beethoven)
German Dance (Franz Joseph Haydn)
I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls (Michael William Balfie)
Impertinence (George Frideric Handel)
Kaleidoscope (Matthew R. Putnam)
La Morisque (Tielman Susato)
La Paloma Tango (Sebastian Iradier)
Lakeside Steps (Tyler Arcari)
Minuet (Luigi Boccherini)
Minuet (Georg Philipp Telemann)


Minuet (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Minuet in F Major (Leopold Mozart)
Mozart for Two (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Musette (Felix Le Couppey)
On the Other Side of Bouree (Tyler Arcari)
Promenade (Matthew R. Putnam)
Quadrille (Franz Joseph Haydn)
Rondeau (Jean-Joseph Mouret)
Russian Folk Song (Ludwig van Beethoven)
Scaramella (Josquin des Prez)
Song (Tyler Arcari)
Spring (Antonio Vivaldi)
Theme (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Two Dances (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
Un Poco Adagio (Muzio Clementi)


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FLUTE - WB1906 - $14.99
OBOE - WB1907 - $14.99
TENOR SAXOPHONE - WB1910 - $14.99
HORN IN F - WB1911 - $14.99
TUBA - WB1913 - $14.99

Advertising Copy

Adaptable Duets contains 29 newly composed or arranged duets written at grades 1.5 to 3. Written by emerging composers Tyler Arcari and Matthew R. Putnam, these duets will add something new, fresh, and different to your duet repertoire. Designed to be used with any combination of two wind instruments, Adaptable Duets is perfect for the modern band room. Tyler and Matthew use their experience as music educators to craft duets that are fun to play and musically stimulating. These duets are perfect for use at an adjudicated festival or recital.

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  • For recitals or adjudicated festival performance
  • 8 books covering 14 instruments including dedicated Oboe and Tenor Saxophone book
  • Grades 1.5 to 3
  • Composed or Arranged by emerging Composers Tyler Arcari and Matthew R. Putnam

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