Concert Band Music

Excelcia Music Publishing’s signature color-coded series for Concert Band

Welcome! Explore all of our Concert Band music. Ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, our concert band music is meticulously edited and follows a strict six-part grading system reflected in our signature color-coded series. Each score, and its accompanying parts, are beautifully set for ease of reading. They include unique features to facilitate your rehearsals, like oversized time signatures in the scores and measure numbers at every measure on each part!  

We provide a vast array of resources to help with your selection process. Our ScoreVideos allow you to listen to a new band piece and view its score at the same time! Our preview full scores and professional full-length recordings (by Trade Winds Recording Ensemble!) provide you and your students with pedagogical examples of musicianship. And be sure to connect with our composers through Composer Connection!

Prelude Concert Band Series - Grade .5

  • Pieces using the first 6 notes of the Bb scale
  • Rhythm: whole, half, quarter and two repeated eighth-notes
  • Optional alternate parts for horn (lower range) and trombone (nothing past 4th position)
  • Low brass and low woodwinds cover the bass line

Da Capo Concert Band Series - Grade 1

  • Playable by first year musicians
  • Limited range of the first octave
  • Rhythm: whole, half, quarter and simple eighth-note patterns
  • Clarinet part stays below the break
  • Bass line is reinforced throughout with multiple lower instruments
  • Active percussion

Harmony Concert Band Series - Grade 1.5

  • Accessible to first year musicians and those beginning the second year of study
  • Range is expanded, but still limited
  • Rhythm: whole, half, quarter and eighth-notes, simple syncopation
  • Addition of two Trumpet and Clarinet parts. 2nd Clarinet stays below the break, 1st Clarinet crosses the break carefully
  • Bass line is reinforced throughout, but with more independence in the low brass
  • Active percussion

Intermezzo Concert Band Series - Grade 2 to 2.5

  • Accessible to second and third year musicians
  • Range is expanded,but still carefully considered
  • Rhythm: whole, half, quarter and eighth-notes, and simple sixteenth patterns
  • Clarinet 2 still stays below the break
  • Separate parts for Trombone, Euphonium, and Bassoon
  • Careful scoring to make the band sound full
  • Percussion treated as an important color

Rhapsody Concert Band Series - Grade 3 to 3.5

  • Fully scored pieces for upper middle school and high school
  • Range is expanded, but still carefully considered
  • More advanced rhythms and part independence
  • 3 Clarinet and Trumpet parts, 2 Horn and Trombone parts
  • Generous cross-cueing of solos or exposed parts
  • More advanced use of percussion

Maestro Concert Band Series - Grade 4 and up

  • Fully scored pieces for high school and collegiate level ensembles
  • High artistic merit
  • More advanced use of percussion
  • Cross-cueing of solos or exposed parts
  • Percussion as an essential color

Flexcel Concert Works Series

  • Perfect for flexible instrumentation or reduced ensemble size
  • Scored in five part instrument keys for added flexibility
  • Can be used with all wind, string and percussion instruments
  • Professional reference recordings
  • Unique permission to photocopy and digital copies included in the purchase of a set for more access due to these difficult times
  • Perform these works with as little as five players and percussion
  • Ensembles can easily transition to fully-scored versions of pieces once back together again