Flexcel Concert Band Series

Grades 2 to 3


Because Extraordinary Times Require Extraordinary Flexibility...
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Flexible Concert Band Works that Excel!
  • Perfect for flexible instrumentation or reduced ensemble size
  • Scored in five part instrument keys for added flexibility
  • Can be used with all wind, string and percussion instruments
  • Professional reference recordings
  • Unique permission to photocopy and digital copies included in the purchase of a set for more access due to these difficult times
  • Perform these works with as little as five players and percussion
  • Ensembles can easily transition to fully-scored versions of pieces once back together again

Byzantine Dances

Carol Brittin Chambers

Written in the style of a Roma Gypsy dance, Byzantine Dances is fast and energetic. Students will love playing in a different style and directors will find plenty of historical content to teach while learning this piece.

      Byzantine Dances - Carol Brittin Chambers



Tyler Arcari

Young bands will enjoy playing this traditional march. Lots of dynamic changes and built-in color will have your audiences clapping in no time. A melodic horn part and moving low brass lines will keep everyone in the band interested and sounding their best!

      Capstone - Tyler Arcari


The Great Clipper Race

Matthew R. Putnam

The Great Clipper Race seeks to transport musicians and listeners to the mid-1800s, a time when clipper ships sailed the seas ferrying cargos from exotic locales to Europe and the Americas. Composer Matthew R. Putnam weaves a tale of intrigue and adventure on the high seas!

      The Great Clipper Race - Matthew R. Putnam


Hidden Wonders

Sean O'Loughlin

Hidden Wonders is a great example of Sean O’Loughlin’s skill at writing for young musicians. Full of lyrical beauty and exquisite craft, this piece will challenge your musicians. Inspired by beauty and unity, Hidden Wonders is a great addition to any concert program.

      Hidden Wonders - Sean O'Loughlin


Shining Moments

Larry Clark

In every person’s life, there are shining moments where we are at our best, where we show others the best version of ourselves and we achieve. Shining Moments is intended to musically depict this feeling in a beautiful, but uplifting ballad . A wonderful opportunity for students to have a musically powerful experience.

      Shining Moments - Larry Clark

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