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New Choral Music 2021-2022


New Choral Music 2021-2022


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Each Part Track Bundle ($39.99), for use by up to 50 students, includes part dominant recordings for all voicings, a full live recording and a piano accompaniment recording.  Each Virtual Choral Bundle ($49.99) includes everything in the Part Track Bundle plus Click Track recordings for all voicings so that students can record at home and educators can easily set up virtual choir recordings.  Separate piano accompaniment tracks are individually available for $9.99, and full live recordings for $1.99.

Choose the Perfect Voicing for Your Choir

The new choral works from Excelcia Music Publishing are released in our color-coded series based on voicing from unison/two-part up to SATB, under the editorial guidance of Jamey Ray; arranger for the popular group Voctave. Check out our inspiring new music created by some of the top composers in the world along with debuting talented and wonderful new voices. Professional recordings of each piece are available to be used as pedagogical examples in your classroom as well as separate part-track recordings for each voicing.



Explore 2020 Choral Works

Composers Who Inspire

This incredibly talented group of composers and arrangers represent a wide range of experience, musical style and identity. These composers, many of whom are music educators, are particularly sensitive to and passionate about the needs and educational aspirations of young musicians, furthering the mission of Excelcia Music Publishing.

Excelcia Singers

The Excelcia Singers is a professional groups of dedicated musicians that gather each year to record choral works published by Excelcia Music Publishing. Their records are used as examples of the finest musicianship for teachers and students who listen to their recordings. Conductor Jamey Ray is the musical spirit of the ensemble and his interpretation of these pieces has been hailed by composer and teachers around the world. Excelcia Music Publishing is proud to have this incredible collection of musicians record our music exclusively.

Jamey Ray

Jamey Ray


Jamey Ray, choral editor for Excelcia Music Publishing is also the founder and arranger of the well-known a capella group Voctave. He produces recordings for them and many other ensembles, including the Excelcia Singers. He is also a popular arranger and composer of choral music and his pieces are featured on many state festival lists. Jamey is a professor of music at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

All of our recordings for band, choir and orchestra are now available for streaming (or sale) on all of the major streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, YouTube and many more. It is yet another avenue where you and your students can listen to our inspiring music.


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