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Welcome Concert Band Directors!

We are proud to present you with live professional recordings of our 2022-2023 Concert Band works, all of which are now available. Click below to hear engaging and inspiring new pieces from many beloved composers as well as talented new voices. An array of educationally-sound pieces, this new catalog is filled with rich choices for Festival, Holiday and more. Listen now, and make your choices for the upcoming school year!

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Prelude Band Series - 2022-2023

Grade .5

Grade .5
      Aliens in the Attic - Tyler Arcari
      Surfliner - Sean O'Loughlin
      Cosmic Journey - Chris Ferguson
      Christmas Race - John M. Pasternak
      Megaliths - Matthew R. Putnam
      Point Five - Laura Estes

Da Capo Band Series - 2022-2023

Grade 1

Grade 1
      First Expedition March - Chris Ferguson
      The Overland Route - John M. Pasternak
      Santa's Spring Break - Larry Clark
      Dark Star - Christina Huss
      Lost Planet - Sean O'Loughlin
      A Jubilant Spirit - Carol Brittin Chambers

Harmony Band Series - 2022-2023

Grade 1.5

Grade 1.5
      Brace for Impact - Christina Huss
      Reliance - Larry Clark
      Fortress of Stone - Tyler Arcari
      Bandtopia - Matthew R. Putnam
      Sense of Urgency - Sean O'Loughlin
      Soaring Valor - David Samuel

Intermezzo Band Series - 2022-2023

Grade 2 to 2.5

Grade 2-2.5
      Before I Go to Sleep - Jason K. Nitsch
      Front and Center - Gene Milford
      Flashpoint - Tyler Arcari
      Eternal Starlight - Steve Parsons
      Big Bad and Blue - Michael J. Miller
      The Great Green Kazoo - Chambers
      Our Deliverance Must Come - Joshua Hobbs
      Chasing Thunder - Jon Bubbett
      Centrifugal Force - Sean O'Loughlin
      Speed Mirage - Jorge L. Vargas
      Buckets Full of Christmas Joy - Larry Clark
      The Day Transcending Night - Joshua Hobbs
      Walking on Air - Laura Estes
      Of the Silent Night Begotten - Putnam
      Together - John M. Pasternak

Rhapsody Band Series - 2022-2023

Grade 3 to 3.5

Grade 3-3.5
      Oblivion - Larry Clark
      All the Pretty Little Horses - Jason K. Nitsch
      Bamboo Warrior - Christina Huss
      Vanquish - Bruce W. Tippette
      Endless Daylight - Tyler Arcari
      Fantasia on an English Carol - Jon Bubbett
      Christmas Exhilaration - Sean O'Loughlin
      Land of Enchantment - Carol Brittin Chambers
      Inflection Point - Sean O'Loughlin
      Cuyahoga River March - John M. Pasternak
      As a River Flows - Christina Huss/R. Alan Carter
      What Might Have Been - Matthew R. Putnam

Maestro Band Series - 2022-2023

Grade 4 & Up

Grade 4 & Up
      Dances for the Muse, Terpsichore - Chambers
      Bright Light in the World - Chambers
      A Christmas Tiding - Tyler Arcari
      Dance of the Imp - David Samuel
      International Peace - King/Arr. Gene Miford