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Accessible Solo Repertoire for Strings


18 Festival Solos with Piano


The perfect solution for distance learning, E-book subscriptions provide digital online access to our popular and flexible books.  For the affordable price of a single year-long E-book subscription, you obtain the ability to distribute the books virtually to all of your students.  E-books can be used by students at home -- or anywhere -- without worry of copies or copyright.  In addition, each E-book subscription comes with exclusive access to play-along tracks for practice. Plus a digital audio recorder is included, allowing students to make recordings of themselves to share with their teachers and classmates for feedback and evaluation, an indispensable tool for maintaining connections among students and teachers.

Here’s how it works!  E-book offerings come in three, year-long options.  After purchase, an email containing your link and password will be sent to you for use with your students. Students will be able to access their E-books from any web browser on any device with internet access by simply going to their URL and typing in their password. No personal information is collected or needed for login from the students.

We hope you will find our E-book subscriptions to be an invaluable resource during these challenging times and keep you and your ensembles inspired and connected.

Want to see a sample E-book page? Use this  password - 5f63ad1a5d9cc  on this link: HERE

Accessible Solo Repertoire contains eighteen newly composed or arranged solos with piano accompaniment written at grades 2 to 2.5. Written by one of the most popular composers of music for students today, Larry Clark, and the talented up and coming composer Tyler Arcari, these solos will add something new, fresh, and different to your solo repertoire. Larry and Tyler use their experience as music educators to write solos that are fun to play and musically stimulating. These solos are perfect for use at an adjudicated solo festival or recital. Each book comes with beautifully set solo parts.

  • Accessible Solo Repertoire for Strings E-book Bundle


    Includes everything listed below in the year-long E-book Set subscription, PLUS a complete set of all four physical books, shipped for free!

    – Online access to all four books in the Accessible Solo Repertoire for Strings series

    – Virtual distribution to all students

    – Exclusive access to play-along tracks

Acessible Solo Repertoire for Strings Single E-books

Flexibly choose a Single E-book year-long subscription or any combination of books from this series.  Each year-long Single E-book includes:

- Online access to that book

- Virtual distribution to all students

- Exclusive access to play-along tracks

- Digital audio recorder

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